The Unconditional Legal Clinic












The drop-in Unconditional Legal Clinic provides free services and information for any kind of legal question.

Attorneys at the Clinic can provide legal advice and limited help (such as writing a letter). Attorneys can also provide referrals to other legal organizations for more specialized help.


*If you have questions on public benefits, such as SSI or GA, come to the Clinic on Thursdays. A dedicated benefits attorney will be available on Thursdays only to answer your questions.


At the clinic you can get

  • Brief legal advice
  • Referrals to other organizations
  • Limited legal services


Clinic Hours

Mondays and Thursdays

2PM –  5 PM

GLIDE (ask at the front desk)

330 Ellis Street, SF


Sign ups start at 1:30pm 


You can also contact the Legal Clinic at or leave a message at 415-674-6149.


GLIDE  330 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 | 415.674.6000

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