Men Unlearning Violence

208 hours of training for each Men In Progress Facilitator

MEN IN PROGRESS participants help each other transform their relationships with people, and with themselves. In time, men learn to respond instead of react, and intimacy replaces control.

Using a model that, in addition to physical violence,  identifies behaviors like emotional coercion, manipulation of resources, and stonewalling as forms of violence, the weekly group works to undo the internalized destructive beliefs about what it means to be a man in this society.

Weekly Drop-In Group

Each Tuesday and Thursday evening at GLIDE, a group of men meet with one primary goal: to acknowledge their own violence and help each other learn a new way of relating.


Run by men and designed for men, Men In Progress is a Violence Intervention Program dedicated to working with all men in straightforward and practical ways on issues that affect their lives. The goal is to support men to gain understanding and strength in their relationships with themselves, partners, family, friends and community.

In weekly group, men learn to:

  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Learn how to avoid and manage conflict
  • Have positive relationships
  • Create safety strategies in their home
  • Deal with personal issues
  • Live beyond survival

Group Meeting Time

As of January, classes no longer occur on Mondays. If you arrive to the group after 5:15pm, you will not be able to attend that session.


New Member Registration: Tuesdays at 4:15

Stage 1 Classes Every Tuesday, 5pm - 8pm

Stage 2 Classes Every Thursday, 5pm - 8pm


Participants are required to complete Stage 1 of the program to be eligible to attend Stage 2 classes.



Staff Facilitator Training Program

At GLIDE, we believe that the American workplace is full of violence, much of it in the forms of coercion through the control of resources, verbal abuse, and emotional manipulation.


As part of our own commitment to Dr. King's concept of a Beloved Community, some of our staff train as facilitators, not only to lead the weekly Men In Progress groups, but to work with staff and fundamentally transform the life of the organization.


You can find out more about our Men In Progress Staff Facilitator Training Program on our Developing Leaders page.

"We know."

Michael, Men In Progress Participant


Support Men In Progress

$100 supports men in becoming better husbands, fathers, and community members


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Is Men In Progress right for you?

The first agreement for joining the group is a willingness to acknowledge your own violence and set an intention to stop it. Please

Read this list of controlling behaviors and take a look at the relationships in your own life. Court-referred participants are welcome.


Women interested in visiting may arrange through a facilitator.


Want to Know More?

For more information about GLIDE's Men In Progress program, please email us.


Phone: (415) 674-6195

Fax: (415) 400-2699




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