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To my beloved brothers and sisters of the GLIDE community, 

I have made a decision to formally step down from my role at GLIDE. I want all of you to know that I will always remain connected even as I take this precious time to focus on my family and my health, things that at this stage of life are so very important to me. 

As I make this transition, I want to share with you a prolific and powerful part of the process created by Janice and myself as we navigated GLIDE the last fifty years. We call it the “Wisdom Table.” It is the place where Janice and I discussed, debated, strategized, envisioned, created and gave birth to the experience that is GLIDE. It is the ground from where we birthed the movement and expressed the Love that is the foundation of GLIDE. The wisdom table gave us the courage and the resilience to love. Moment by moment, year by year we walked and talked it, and we cultivated this wisdom of love and liberation.  

The essence of GLIDE begins and ends with love. Love is the legacy. It is the highest truth, and the foundation on which GLIDE was built. It leads to liberation, justice and freedom. It is radical and revolutionary, rooted in our commitment to persistent struggle. Love is creating community, inviting all to the table, strangers uniting, never giving up, enduring and thriving. Love is the bottom line and the top line, the answer to all things, the medicine. Some have accused me of speaking of love too much, but it will never be enough. Love liberates all of us.

It matters how we treat each other.  We must invite all to have a seat at the Wisdom Table. What a power! To shout out, to rejoice and be the voice of the voiceless, the voice of the community, to confront the world and make room for the disenfranchised and marginalized. In moments of triumph and tragedy, injustice and liberation, victory and defeat. The Wisdom Table has served as a catalyst for action and radical change.

It is time for me to evolve, it is time for GLIDE to continue to evolve. We have gone through so much and come out strong, ready to keep building. My beloved and brilliant Janice is gone. Karen has carried the torch for us and ensured our legacy at GLIDE endures.

I will continue to stand in the midst of the people and say, “we didn’t give up!” We said to the world, “love is here now” and it is time to act. I will be here for you when you need me. And I believe in you and the liberation of humanity (the people).  We must all continue to work in unity, and lead with love. That is the legacy – love is present, it is real, we must continue to speak the truth, live the truth and feel the truth! 

What a day, what a life! 

With love,