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Healing our SF from the overdose epidemic

I feel called to respond to an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle called, “S.F. nonprofits give foil and pipes to fentanyl users. Critics say it’s making drug crisis

Pride Award photo with Dr Gina

GLIDE Shares Unconditional Love with Thousands at the Pride Parade

GLIDE’s contingent had 149 participants and won the Beacon of Hope Theme Award! A dynamic display of support and inclusivity, featuring dozens of enthusiastic marchers, two gleaming convertibles, a DJ truck pumping out energizing beats, and a majestic double-decker bus for those with mobility issues. The DJ truck, adorned with colorful banners and flowers, was the heartbeat of the procession, its music resonating through the streets and keeping the crowd in high spirits.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Celebrating HBCU’s Students

This past Sunday, Dr. Gina spoke at GLIDE’s Sunday Celebrations about how education is a crucial means to escape poverty. Her inspiring words were shared with more than 80 Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) students who joined the event, highlighting the ongoing pursuit of racial equality.

csj rally city hall

Social Justice Academy planting the seeds for new leaders

GLIDE started the Social Justice Academy as a community learning center to catalyze the wisdom and expertise of those affected by systemic inequities.
In April, we launched our inaugural cohort of nine women, each of whom has experienced systemic inequities like homelessness or incarceration. Over the past 12 weeks, the cohort has met weekly to practice and grow as community organizers and policy advocates.

we do recover sober support groups

Sober Support Groups come to GLIDE

Glide Memorial Church opens its doors to those suffering from addiction Glide Memorial Church has opened its doors to those suffering from addiction. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) group meetings happen every


Celebrate Pride with GLIDE!

On Wednesday, March 8, 1972, 41 community members gathered at Glide Church to listen to the Rev. Bob Humphries talk about his experience organizing a LGBTQ march in Los Angeles. 

Looking Back at SF 2024 Juneteenth Parade

For African Americans, Juneteenth is a traditional celebration marking the beginning of freedom for Black Americans. While we celebrate with parades and festivities, it is essential to remember that this

lunar new year

GLIDE Celebrates AANHPI Month!

Attorney General of California Rob Bonta (4th to the right) meets with GLIDE staff Dear GLIDE Community, I am delighted to celebrate this Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders

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The Community Voices of GLIDE for Rev. Cecil Williams

For long-time Glide church member Elizabeth Greenfield, it felt like reconnecting with strangers whom she’s always known. “How Cecil was able to bring different types of people together. It was an amazing thing,” said Greenfield. “You would be in the church, and around you, there were people you wouldn’t meet in your everyday life. Cecil would say, ‘Turn around and embrace the person next to you.’ And that’s why I’m here today. To honor a man who loved humanity.”