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shiba faacts

GLIDE Partners with FAACTS to envision a better food system!

GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ) is a proud member of the Food and Agriculture Action Coalition Towards Sovereignty (FAACTS). FAACTS includes 30 local organizations that are working to ensure access to quality, nutritious and culturally inclusive food here in San Francisco.

GLIDE Launches Women’s Center on International Women’s Day!

Our hearts were filled with joy as we celebrated the official launch of GLIDE’s new Women’s Center on International Women’s Day! The Women’s Center services include case management, domestic violence counseling, outreach, food, clothing, housing assistance, and referrals to other community resources. These services support underserved women in their journey toward stability.

End Poverty Tows Coalition calls for safe parking and affordable housing

A community of families with children, students, and seniors who cannot afford the Bay Area’s high rents are living in RVs near Lake Merced. This community is facing the threat of 4-hour parking restrictions, which will require them to leave work or school to regularly move their vehicles or face ticketing and towing. Implementing the new parking restrictions without anywhere else to go will push families deeper into instability and homelessness.

GLIDE’s Statement on Israel

The GLIDE Foundation and Glide Memorial Church extend our deepest sympathy to those grieving and impacted by the escalating violence and the heinous acts of terror against innocent people.