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Happy 94th Birthday Reverend Cecil Williams!

The Rev. Cecil Williams

GLIDE’s legendary co-founder and Minister of Liberation is turning 94 on September 22!

This year marks a remarkable 60 years of Cecil at GLIDE! Cecil Williams, a young pastor from San Angelo, Texas arrived at GLIDE in San Francisco in 1963. Together with his wife, Janice Mirikitani, they created a church, a movement, and a community built upon unconditional love and radical inclusivity. 60 years later, Cecil’s vision, mission and legacy continues to be a beacon of light and hope for the Tenderloin district, the city of San Francisco, and the innumerable lives that have been transformed through GLIDE.

Please sign the card below and help us Celebrate 94 years of Cecil on Earth and 60 years of Cecil at GLIDE!