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Let’s Nominate Cecil Williams for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Reverend Cecil Williams has etched his name into history as a ceaseless champion for the poor and marginalized.

We believe Rev. Cecil Williams deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Cecil has been the unwavering leader of GLIDE, and its thanks to his leadership that our organization is a nationally recognized champion of  social justice, supporting individuals in poverty and crisis, and bringing about positive change.

Will you please send a letter to President Biden requesting him to award the medal to Cecil?

Cecil’s message of unconditional love and radical inclusivity have never been more relevant. He created a haven for the homeless, for the oppressed, and for those cast out of other communities when no one else was. The injustices he fought require constant vigilance and collective action, and we can take inspiration from his extraordinary life and acts of service.

After arriving at GLIDE in 1963, he built the dwindling congregation of a few dozen people to more than 10,000 parishioners. He worked tirelessly for six decades until stepping away earlier this year at the age of 93.

During his tenure, he shared the pulpit with world leaders and world activists. He fought for LGBTQIA+ rights long before it became politically or socially acceptable. In the image of Martin Luther King, Cecil has been a beacon of hope and an agent of change in our society when we needed it most.

No better words describe Cecil’s leadership and vision than his own. “For decades, I have raised my voice against injustice and have shaken my fist at death. Sometimes I sound like a broken, soulful record that goes ‘round and ‘round singing and shouting through the urban wilderness, ‘Choose life. You have the power. Act like you are alive.’”

Please help us get Cecil the national recognition he deserves for his many years of service and leadership to GLIDE.

Email President Biden with your request today.