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Celebrating Cecil’s 94th Birthday And Mayor London Breed Visits

On Sunday, September 17th, Glide Memorial Church  presented the Rev. Cecil Williams with over 500 greetings for his 94th birthday at a festive Celebration service.  You can add your birthday greetings here: https://www.glide.org/cecil-birthday-message.


Minister Marvin K. White preached a sermon about putting faith into action and caring for those in the Tenderloin and beyond.  The Glide Ensemble and Change Band wore dashiki’s inspired by Cecil and inspired those watching in the sanctuary and around the world on the livestream.   Special guests, including Mayor London Breed, State Assembly Member Phil Ting, City Attorney David Chiu and Assessor Joaquin Torres shared their greetings. Click on the names of each special guest to hear their well wishes to Cecil and all who work, volunteer and support GLIDE.

After the service, continuing Cecil’s legacy of supporting and repairing black individuals, families and communites, about fifty church and community members participated in conversations about reparations for black and African American San Franciscans in collaboration with the Congregational Life Racial Justice Group, Center for Social Justice, and Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. 

Anietie Ekanem,  Freddy Martin, and Eric McDonnell

Members of the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee and SF Human Rights Commission were present to listen to the community and help individuals prepare for public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 19th.  Committee members included: Chair Eric McDonnell, Economic Empowerment sub-committee chair Anietie Ekanem, and Public Housing seat member Freddy Martin.  Freddy is a member of the GLIDE staff, serving as the Congregational Life and Community Engagement Manager at Glide Memorial Church.