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Celebrating Warren Buffett and Power of One Charity Auction

Dear GLIDE Community,

I am thrilled to share the news of the record-breaking winning bid of $19,000,100 in the Power of One Charity Auction Lunch with Warren Buffett. We are honored and deeply grateful for Mr. Buffett’s unwavering friendship and support for so many years. And, we are astounded by the generosity of the winning bidder, who has not only made history in this final opportunity to enjoy the Power Lunch with Warren Buffett but has provided a gift that will transform the lives of many thousands of individuals and families in GLIDE’s growing community. 

On behalf of GLIDE and those we serve; I have expressed my deep appreciation to Mr. Buffett for his generosity and commitment to our work and values for over two decades. This unique partnership has left an indelible impact on our community, allowing us to transform hundreds of thousands of lives and families and influence the systems that drive poverty, injustice, and inequity. This year’s winning bid will build on that legacy of impact and support our efforts to build the next generation of GLIDE, where we are deepening our impact, extending our reach, and playing a central role in the recovery of San Francisco. 

A strong believer in the power of GLIDE’s values and impact, Mr. Buffett has said, “It makes a difference, and it translates into human beings finding that there is hope in life and that there is something better. The rest of society may have given up on them, but GLIDE is going to give them a chance to find out what their real potential is. And the people that buy the lunch feel good about that. I feel good about that, and the most important thing, though, is what it does in the end.” And while this is the grand finale of the Power of One Charity Auction Lunch, we look forward to many more years of treasured friendship with Mr. Buffet and our longtime partner, eBay.

This record-breaking bid is a tribute to Warren Buffett, a global icon who will go down in history not only as the “Oracle of Omaha,” but as an authentic champion of the transformative power of love and human connection. It is also a tribute to GLIDE’s unique power to inspire and transform people across all spheres, from those living on the streets to those who have had more opportunity in life. 

All proceeds from the Power of One Charity Auction Lunch, which have totaled $53 million since its inception, go towards GLIDE’s transformative programs. Each year, GLIDE helps 10,000 individuals and families to change their lives. We provide opportunity, dignity, and unconditional love to the most vulnerable among us, and we continue to lead and live out the change needed to advance justice, equity, and equality for all.

This record-breaking auction could not have come at a better time as GLIDE continues to step up to the growing crisis of inequity around us. We are expanding our mobile services to help those in underserved communities throughout San Francisco. We are ensuring more women and families of color get the support to make sustainable changes in their lives. And we are influencing institutions of power and advancing policies and investments that break cycles of intergenerational poverty and homelessness to enable people to thrive for good.

GLIDE remains rooted in our long-held values, focused on impact and evidenced-based results, and forever committed to meeting today’s biggest challenges.     
To Mr. Buffett, to the winning bidder, I thank you – we all thank you – for your unwavering support of GLIDE. You are HOPE. You are LOVE. You are GLIDE. 


Karen Hanrahan
​​​​​​President & CEO, GLIDE