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Church Justice

“Black Lives Matter.” George Floyd’s life mattered. Daunte Wright’s life mattered. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. All of the Black Lives judged, juried, and executed by the police, the state and state actors, mattered. By affirming that Black Lives matter, we see the herculean effort, death, that it takes death for black people to come into the public discourse around justice. We acknowledge that it takes death’s effort, the last resort, to break through the noise of capitalism-controlled media outlets, white supremacist ideologies, and oppressions in the form of economics, gender, and class. By declaring “Black Lives Matter,” we declare that the lives and stories of other communities under assault must come to light.  

Be in beloved community with GLIDE Memorial Church. Help bring about a world that is racially and socially just. 

We are responding to the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, by focusing on “direct in-person actions” and “direct virtual actions.” We are activating GLIDE Memorial Church’s spiritual, community and creative outlets in service of Black Lives. 


GLIDE Memorial Church- Justice Altar

Join us for a Virtual Altar for George Floyd, for black lives, for collective grief, that all hold the potential for unconditional love. We invite you to talk, pray, and mourn with us as the GLIDE Memorial Church community.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glidesf/videos/

Youtube: bit.ly/glidechurch 

GLIDE Memorial Church- Justice Vigil 

We will be holding “Justice Vigils” from 6:30-7:30 starting tomorrow- Wednesday April 21st, to hold space to catch our breaths, bear witness to one another, and be beloved community. 

Join us by using the link below:  https://glide.zoom.us/j/94415550157

GLIDE Memorial Church- Speak Out! on Justice 

Join us this Thursday for a special Speak Out! Hosted by Bisi Obateru, where we will hold an open-mic space for words, music, joys and concerns.  Let’s be together in beloved community. 

Please use the link below to sign up for this and future Speak Out events: 


GLIDE Memorial Church- Protest for Justice Downloadable Posters

Poster 1: Click Poster to Download

Poster 2: Click Post to Download

Poster 3: Click Poster to Download

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Poster 5: Click Here to Download

Poster 6: Click Here to Download

GLIDE Justice Playlists: 

Justice Playlist 1: Art and Poetry 

Video Poem

Poetry Reading



Poem (text and audio)


Short Documentary

BLM Stories in 500 Words


Black Stories Matter (media library of stories, video)


Short Film narrated by black trans elder

 GLIDE – Say Their Names

Playlist 3: List of names of Black Lives lost to police and state violence 

View Here

Playlist 3: Fight the Power: Protest and riot songs

Playlist 4: Racial Justice and Black Lives Matters Quotes