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LGBTQ+ Child: (Seeing their mama dancing by herself) Mama what you dancing to?

Mama: House music.

LGBTQ+ Child: Mama, what is house music?

Mama: You remember when your uncle Frankie and your uncle Larry would spin you around so many times that when they put you down all you could do was laugh and be dizzy? It’s kinda like that.

LGBTQ+ Child: Like me and my friends after a summer apart?

Mama: Yes, and when you’re looking at your favorite star and wondering who is holding it in the sky making it spin and twinkle.

LGBTQ+ Child: Is house music in heaven Mama?

Mama: It starts here but it reaches there then it comes back and your toes hear it.

LGBTQ+ Child: Mama, toes don’t have ears!

Mama: Don’t tell me, tell your toes.

LGBTQ+ Child: All they do is wiggle when I talk to them.

Mama: That mean they happy to see you.

LGBTQ+ Child: Look Mama, they happy to see you too!

Mama: That giggle and wiggle baby, that’s what house music is.

LGBTQ+ Child: I hope house music never goes away mama.

Mama: Me neither baby. Me neither.