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By Curtis Bradford

It is a day of change.

Change of Leadership,

Change of the Standard Bearer,

Change of the Guard,

Change of President and Vice-President,

And we Pray They will bring change.

And Change gonna come.

Already, Kamala has changed the height of the “Glass Ceiling.”

Already, Kamala has made a change for Women of Color everywhere.

Already, Kamala has changed the dreams and aspirations of little girls everywhere.

History is Changed!

But we are hopeful for more change to come.

We want lots of change,

Not pocket change,

Not that change from the couch cushions.

Not just a change in the name on the office door.

We want Real Change.

In this pandemic and “Sheltered-in-Place,”

I Need Change.

I need a change of scenery,

Change of diet,

Change of hairstylist because I’m not good at it.

I probably even need an oil change.

I need a change of clothes,

Change of style,

Change of habits,

Change the channel,

Change in service provider,

Change of Address,

Change of mind,

Change of energy,

Change the rules,

Change in policy,

Change in Civility,

Change in Health Care,

Change in attitude on Climate Change,

And I want to overturn the tables of the “Money-Changers.”

We need a Change in temperature,

Change in travel plans.

We need more “Changemakers” like you to make more Change.

And I believe we can change.

We can get a change of attitude,

Change of perspective,

A Change of Heart,

A Change of Heart,

A Change of Heart.

We are the change we’ve been waiting for.

So Change.