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Meet Nicia D’Lovely

Portrait of Nicia D'Lovely


Glide Memorial Church, 2022 Poet in Residence

We are excited to invite Nicia D’Lovely, and her profound storytelling back into our Sunday Celebration. As our Poet in Residence, Nicia will read during our Sunday Celebrations on 4/3, 4/10, and 4/24, at both 9am and 11am. Nicia will provide the Writers Church prompts for the month. She will also be in a facilitated Freedom Hall conversation at both the 9am and 11am Celebrations on those dates.

Nicia has shared a poem for our newsletter and will share original poems for us to publish across our social platforms as well. Nicia will be interviewed by Minister Marvin, in a “Celebration Session” program, our Glide Memorial Church sacred art and storytelling series.

We’re excited to offer Nicia D’Lovely the chance to tell her story over the course of the month. We know that her expansive time with us, will also be a deep time with us. Check out Nicia’s bio and an original poem.

Bio: Oakland, CA native Nicia D’Lovely is an acclaimed published poet, multifaceted artist, anti-child-molestation/ CSEC advocate, community servant and spirited survivor. She creates provocative survivor-based performances for education and healing of sexual traumas [and other offenses] under the production name, “Nicia De’Lovely Presents.” In 2019 her stirring one woman show debut entitled, GET UNCOMFORTABLE, earned her a Best of Fringe Festival, SF Award. 

Nicia’s, an emotional and intuitive empath, passion for healing survivors of sexual abuse derives from her tumultuous adolescence, where unfortunately she experienced abuse so severe that it silenced her. After years of living with an anxiety disorder called “select mutism” Nicia reclaimed her voice through poetry. Today, she courageously uses her voice, testimonies and creativity to help others find their strength, but her humanitarianism exceeds recitals and workshops. Once monthly Nicia funds, out-of-pocket, a locally anticipated pop-up event appropriately titled, “Nicia’s Pad-bag Pop-up,” where she passes out feminine toiletry bags to our low/no-income and displaced sisters.