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(Invite Ushers to Come Down)

He then took the can of baby powder, opened and sprinkled it saying, “Girl, know that here, on this thresh, on this altar, we dance. This baby powder is our mighty cloud of witness. It is my reminder to you that this life is about your carry-on. Your capacity to bring your own cross to the dance floor. You got to tarry and let go of the agonizing. You got to give up the ghost of hate. House music is my promise to you, that when the fog machine smoke clears, I am with you.”

She then took the cup and drank from it, saying, “This is my blood, my anemia, my HIV, my menstruation, my murder, my birth, and my death cherry popping and spilling for you.”

They then took the long-playing vinyl, the 78, held it above his head, broke it 45’s and said, “The universe’s song is house music. The universe is comprised of infinite vinyl, endless and beginningless, grooving towards the center of itself, where I am luring you children, into a continuous stream of love out of nothing from nowhere into everyone.

Vinum, Discotheque, Sacralsancta, Doughie, Wobble, Shablam! Amen. Amen? Amen!