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 The Sermon



When Friday came, they were all together in one place, Club Taboo. Suddenly a sound like the popping of fried chicken grease on some grandmother’s hand, the speaker crackling of a DJ’s gospel house music, a tambourine, a cow bell, a centering silence, a poem, a song, and a violent wind came from seemingly nowhere or heaven and filled the whole club where they were dancing. They saw what seemed to be tongues, lips, hips and smiles of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Levan and began to speak in other tongues and dance in other styles and love in new ways and share their bodies as the Spirit enabled them.

Vinyl: is the Latin vinum for “wine.” Discotheque is French originally meaning “record library,” Sacral-sancta is from the house music DJs and means, “All dancing is good dancing. All dancing is divine.” House Music means, “It is written. It is danced.” House music means it has always been about surrender. Unsure footing. House Music is Dendrochronological. Has rings to count. Can date itself back. Can circle in on itself. House music makes us all witness and archive.

Knucklean Cosmology: The Universe’s song is house music. The Universe is comprised of infinite vinyl, endless and beginningless, grooving towards the center of itself, where eventually the natural forces of its children dancing lures us into a continuous stream of love out of nothing from nowhere into everyone.

Sisterson, Brothergirl, Motherboy, Daddygirl, Sonmama, Girluncle, Daughterfather, Niecephew, Nephiece, House music means We have given names and spun names. House music means we are all mixed with something.

“Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Club Taboo I ask that you please direct your attention to the DJ booth above as we review the dance floor etiquette. There are six speakers in this room. Take a minute to locate the speaker closest to you. Note that the nearest speaker may be behind you. Count the number of people dancing between you and this speaker. Should the dance floor suddenly experience pressure loss, stay calm and listen for instructions from the DJ. House music will always drop down from above whenever you need air. Place the beats over your mouth and nose. Pull the straps of house music to tighten it. If you do not know where the house music straps are located, raise your hands. If you are dancing with the children, make sure that the house music is on you first before attempting to help the children. In the unlikely event of somebody bumping the turntables and the music stops, do not evacuate, carry on with your carry-on. In the unlikely of event of a record skipping, house music has life rafts located under your seat and feet. Strobe and spotlights will lead you to your closest groove. While we wait for take-off, please take a moment to tarry.

House Music means to wait an hour after eating to go back onto the dance floor. House music means, “Everything must come up.”

Was unsettled by the long awkward hug that the song gave him when he walked on to the dance floor. Has danced between here and there and nowhere and somewhere before but not since he heard that the boy had passed. Somehow knows what to do when a song need you to hold it up. House music means we are not so pulled up as to not be able to break down. House music means that one day everything will weep and you gotta stay ready cuz one day song will greet you not with baby powder but with tissue. Those who enter will become those who are waiting to go in. Song usually like to throw us about like bingo balls in a caller’s cage but not this night, his night. We swayed in one old low wave. Something was up. Knew this was for the one who left this world’s twirl. Knew too new to be a séance. Knew who was a ghost and who wasn’t. Knew we don’t say, “I’m sorry for your loss” here. We say, “Get your life” or “If you go in boy, I will hold your skirt down.” House music is second line and “I’ll fly away.” House music pall bears, ushers, eulogizes, inters and commits back to the earth. House music means we are own quiet hour and our bodies, a repast.