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The Age of Women and Butterflies: A Vision Quest for the New Millennium

Sunday Celebrations and Living Oral Histories at Glide Memorial Church Honoring Indigenous Histories with Dr. Betty Parent

Sundays, October 2nd — October 30th

As October opens to us, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the histories, contributions, spirituality, art, governance, and science of Indigenous, Native, and Indian Peoples. This year, Glide Memorial Church, in collaboration with Dr. Betty Parent, is lifting up practices, wisdoms, and histories for October. We join in reclaiming Columbus Day as a Day of Acknowledgement that there were people, indigenous people in the world that didn’t need discovering. We hope you’ll come to Sunday Celebration and hear the untold and untaught histories of Indigenous People and Celebrate with us that the history is still being written. And we hope you’ll revisit this page as we bring you more living oral histories from Dr. Betty each week.

Dr. Betty Parent | Bio


Week One


Women, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and the New Millennium

Bounties and Voting

U.S. History: Abraham Lincoln, Homestead Act, Railroad Land, and College Grants

Tribal Consciousness to the Light of Day

Week Two

Governance The Iroquois Great Law of Peace Influence on the US Constitution

WW1 Non Citizens

Education Histories

Occupation of Alcatraz

Swirls of Migration

WW2 Non-Citizens

Week Three

We Are Here and Not Going Anywhere

Modern Worship Challenges

Economics, Class, Histories of Religious Colonization


Week Four

Manifest Destiny

California Natives

Skin Color



Week Five

The Millennium Renaissance-Here Come The Anthros

The Millennium Renaissance-More Art

The Millennium Renaissance-Native Literature

The Millennium Renaissance-Youth