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The Seven Last Twirls: The Invocation



Come, let us go before the DJ booth in prayer.

God, who loves all of creation. Not just the divisible cell and the batting eye, the finned thing and webbed foot but the creative, the idea, the notion, the invention, the advance, the poem, the recipe, the new way, the revision, the retelling, the costume change, the recast, the trillion and the radiant cut.

God, who loves to spin all things. Loves the decision to get up and loves the decision to demand rest. Start again. Right the course. Move the cursor. New secondary source. All of creation is all of creation.

God, who is commotion and loves us for the commotion we cause, the stirring up and the troubling our bodies create by their mere appearance.

God, you are epic in creation. Star stuff. Core stuff. You by heart. Improvisational. Left field. Lines never spoken. Creation. All of it. And we love you today for it, God. 

God, we thank you for this service today and we ask that you dance with us. We invite you to this sanctuary turned dance floor.

We invite you to do what you have always done, move on our behalf God. Move to us, move with us and move for us. Show us that we are a part of the Divine Dance.

Bless the speakers, singers, poets, preachers, directors, producers, sound decisions for the sound team and make light the load of those on the Lights. And dancers here today God, bless them.

God, bless the DJ’s, for you are the original recording and we know that you make yourself available for this, the remix. Have your way in the service today.

God, on this dance floor. Floor me. My heart is spent lord, is spun with every muscle revelation that you reveal to my body in this music called house.

Happy Dance God. Rain dance with me God. Bring up my secret sweat.

Draw the baby powder line and dare the devil to cross it.   

God, you said dance is good and we who are your children God, are good.

What then, the resurrection says to Glide Memorial Church, to the Tenderloin and to the world? What God thank you cuz even in the time of war, this is a prayer for a world that needs a dance floor that feels like an altar.