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Writers Church, A New Kind of Sunday Celebration

writers church

Writer’s Church

Glide Memorial Church’s Sunday Celebrations support writers. Every week we pass out small notebooks and pens to those joining us in-person, and invite our at-home church to write using the instrument of their choosing. offering four writing prompts for self-paced free-writes. We invite people to write stream of consciousness, and not hold back the writing that comes tumbling out.  On the fourth Sunday of each month, we have a full Writer’s Church, with writing prompts throughout the Celebration.

Through Writers Church, we are introducing another practice, and another tool for liberation—storytelling. We are the church of literary ancestor, San Francisco former Poet Laureate, and Poet, Janice Mirikitani. Janice brought thousands of people “into voice.” Show women and other marginalized folks how their story is their tool—first to self-discovery, then to freedom.

Writing Prompt 1: How have you and your chosen family created a legacy in your journey through life?

Writing Prompt 2: What colors do your spirit represent and why?

Writing Prompt 3: How do you assess the life story of people different from you?

Writing Prompt 4: What does it mean to be satisfied by the act of being?