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February Congregational Life and Community Engagement Blog Post

This month our Ushers Congregational Life Group worked at full capacity! The ushers were on point and ready to serve the congregation and community with grace, compassion, and love. This is no small feat. They tirelessly did the work that needed to be done to meet the needs of the church, the congregation, the staff, and our community; before, during, and after services. The Spirit of God is moving in our church and our community, as there have been two new ushers in the past month alone!

Our attendance is on the rise and so is the need for dedicated people to step up and answer the call of taking care of God’s people in God’s house! We are actively reaching out to and ready to receive more invested congregants and community stakeholders to support the work of our beloved church. The flow of service would not work without this amazing group of people!

In other exciting news for the Ushers Group, Grover Lee Woods has been handed the torch by Matt Cahill, to carry on the great work that they have been doing for over 60 years! A special shout out and appreciation for Matt, Grover, and the entire Ushers Group! Keep up the great work.  We love and appreciate your labor of love and service.

In other Congregational Life and Community Engagement news, we are hosting our Stupski Community Care Network training celebration on Sunday February 18th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm in Freedom Hall. We will have a luncheon, give out certificates of completion, get feedback from trainees, and celebrate their training, commitment and support of our beloved community with serious, advanced, palliative, and end of life transition care referrals. This is a good way to fulfill the needs of extra support that may be needed by our most at risk members and friends.   Please come to witness, celebrate, and support!

There is also a series of creative, writing, community, and performance training workshops facilitated by our own that will be announced very soon.

We have a series of great preacher, speaker, artists, and singers in a great year of worship and liturgy. So much more to come, so prepare to be amazed!


Freddy Martin

Congregational Life and Community engagement Manager

Glide Memorial Church