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Information for Those Who are New to Glide

We welcome everyone to our Sunday Celebrations.  We not only welcome diversity, we celebrate it.  That’s why we call our weekly worship time Sunday Celebration. Our celebrations are designed to revive your faith, heal the parts of you that might have been injured in other churches or worship experiences and start your week with joyful affirmations and support.

You can attend our Sunday Celebrations online – streaming on Facebook Live or YouTube – or in person.  To enter our building (located at the corner of Ellis and Taylor), enter the gate on the Taylor side of the church building.  On the street level, in Freedom Hall, a group of people watch the service on video while eating pastries, drinking coffee, charging cell phones and hanging it in a casual space.  Upstairs, via elevator or stairs, you can worship in the sanctuary with our worship team, Glide ensemble and Change Band.  Celebrations typically last between an hour and an hour and a half.  There are bathrooms located on both floors and our ushers will be glad to show you where they are.

Some of the other information you may be interested in, includes:

Glide Kids

On the first and third Sunday of each month, during the 11 am Sunday Celebration, our Glide Kids program provides children’s program of storytelling and creativity.  When you hear the announcement for Glide Kids, bring your children to the front of the Sanctuary and they will be escorted to the kids room.

You can learn more about this or any other questions you might have by emailing churchoffice@glide.org.  Thank you for your interested in our community.  We hope to see you, in person or online, soon.