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Membership at Glide Memorial Church

Membership. Membership is open to all who resonate, respond to, and support our work of liberation and healing. We are a spiritual home for all people.  You can renew your membership here.  You can become a new member here.

How to be a Member: You’re a member of the Glide family when you say you are, when you come to worship, when you walk through the door, when you Celebrate, when you enter Freedom Hall, when you join one of our Congregational Life groups, it’s that simple. For those seeking a spiritual, social justice, creative or a more beloved community, you can become a member on record of Glide.  As a spiritual home for people who are curious, seeking, committed, those who have been injured by religion, both certain and uncertain about how they understand their relationship with God, we are a safehouse. We are a sanctuary. We believe to our core in a God who welcomes and celebrates all living creatures, diverse faith traditions, those who identify as non-believers, and those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. We accept that God can be named or left unnamed. We accept the Jesus of liberation, recovery, and discovery. We believe that everybody is an instrument of God’s love and grace. Glide maintains a membership list, you can add your name at any time.

What it Means to Be a Member. Members share their time, talent and treasure as part of an ever widening table. To be a member is to be part of an evolutionary and revolutionary process of love.  Members are encouraged to fully participate in various Church activities including celebrating community life; baptisms/rites of passage, weddings, funerals, affirmations, transitions, and everything in between. Members will participate in and help shape and inform the ever evolving church life on the path toward nurture, inclusion, and love. Members are kept informed on the overall health and well being of the church.

When and Where to Become a Member. Following the 9 and 11 am Celebrations those interested in renewing their membership or becoming a new member will be invited to sign up using a QR Code or iPad in the Maya Angelou Room.  They will also be invited to commit to a faith action: Pray, Donate, share Communion, Volunteer, Join a Congregational Life Group and/or become a Social Justice Warrior (CSJ). A low barrier membership option will be available to individuals in Freedom Hall and at our Prayer Table.  Quarterly membership meetings will enable members to connect, learn more and grow in faith.

Kinds of Membership. Members on record carry all the privileges and responsibilities of membership in the Church. Youth memberships are available to those at the beginnings of their Glide journey.

Membership Conclusion At any time, a member may request to remove their name from membership…All are loved.

Maintenance of Membership Rolls. The Church maintains a membership roll and updates it periodically.