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Protests and Marches

These pins were sold as a fundraiser to help bail Cecil out of jail during one of his many protest actions.

The Rev. Cecil Williams believed that a church was not confined to a building.  So, he took his passion, ethics and advocacy to the streets as often as possible.  Some of the many times he participated led and participated in marches and protests are featured below.

1967 – Cecil speaks at anti-Vietnam War protest which begins at the Civic Center and ends at Kezar Stadium



1981 – Cecil is arrested in a protest to blockade the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant being built in San Luis Obispo


1982 – Protest of the Livermore Nuclear Lab

This photo includes Dave Richmond, Claudius “Dusty” Williams (Cecil’s Brother), Janice Mirikitani and Cecil Williams

1983 Protest of Ronald Reagan

1990 – Glide Church Recovery March in the Tenderloin ‘

2003 – Heal the Tenderloin March in honor of Lewis Williams, a Glide cook who was shot and killed

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Financial Support:

The Rev. Cecil Williams taught us to use our voice to radically welcome others.  We continue to proclaim that radical welcome in all that we do!  We celebrate the Rev. Cecil’s birthday throughout the month of September.  If you would like to help us celebrate, please send a love offering in honor of his birthday.  Your support helps us share unconditional love in the Tenderloin, in San Francisco and throughout the world. Contribute to our fundraiser in Honor of Cecil’s 94th Birthday here.