Racial Justice Work and Coalition Building

The Rev. Cecil Williams worked on a number of intersectional issues, including racial justice and coalition building work. In addition to creating space for community at Glide Church, Cecil actively participated in public advocacy to decrease discrimination and racialized policing of communities.  Notably, in:

Multimedia highlighting Cecil’s work to ensure racial equality in San Francisco schools is featured below.

1965 – As chair of the Committee Against Segregated Education, Cecil threatens to boycott San Francisco schools to protest de facto segregation.

1968 – SF State Protest

During the Fall semester of 1968, the Black Student Union (BSU) at what was then called San Francisco State College presented a list of 10 “non-negotiable” demands to administrators, focusing on the creation of a black studies department and increasing black access to the university. College officials did not grant the demands. So the BSU, along with other student organizations and people of color organized as the Third World Liberation Front, launched what would become the longest campus strike in U.S. history.

Cecil and Janice at the 1968 SF State Strike

Cecil speaking at the SF State Strike

1983 – Cecil was arrested for trying to stop school busses from carrying Bayview-Hunters Point students of Drew Elementary School, in a boycott against one-way busing.

1997 – Cecil, Jan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and 10,000 protesters crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to protest Prop 209, an anti-affirmative action bill.


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