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Statement of Faith

Glide Memorial Church is a spiritual home for all people who are curious, seeking, committed, both certain and uncertain about how they understand their relationship with God; including the complexity on multiple levels how we experience the Divine at work in the lives of community. Glide Memorial Church is a place of healing, faith, justice and community for everyone. All are welcome here!

Celebration: We believe in Sunday Celebration as a communal and individual embodied experience of God’s love in the world. We celebrate with the people and the regeneration of spirit, through the practice of honoring and commemorating the sacred of all people. We embrace and extend our unconditional love to our community and the wider world. We celebrate new life. We celebrate self-revelation. We celebrate recovery. We celebrate transformation.

For the People: We believe in the power of a spirit-filled community to reach out and welcome all people in our neighborhood of the Tenderloin and beyond. We practice radical inclusion in how we worship, how we enact social justice, how we offer sanctuary and healing, and how we learn together as a community. We embody a lived sense of the beloved community. We are committed to partnering, learning and growing with every person who has ever called Glide Memorial Church home. We are a safehouse for all those seeking sanctuary. We stand with people and communities to dismantle structural racism and all forms of oppression.

Loving and Hopeful: We believe all can experience the abundant love of God’s grace without judgment, fear and constraints. We stand with all people. We are committed to loving and healing the earth. We welcome and embrace all who are housed and unhoused, food secure and food insecure, those in all forms of recovery, those seeking healing and those who are seeking wholeness. We believe all belong in a peace and justice filled world.

Radically Inclusive: We believe in a God who welcomes and celebrates all living creatures, diverse faith traditions, those who identify as non-believers, and those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. We accept that God can be named or left unnamed. We accept the Jesus of liberation, recovery, and discovery. We believe that everybody is an instrument of God’s love and grace.

Truth Telling: We believe in learning and leading from the teachings of diverse sacred texts, sharing and participating in different traditions. We celebrate peoples’ stories and voices as living testimony and a reflection of grace. We understand the impact of structural racism, all systems of oppression, and the wide range of intersectional harms that our communities endure. We speak, call, interpret, and deploy the bible as love to all sites of religious trauma.