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Continuing the Digital Journey: Deepening Ties and Empowering Lives with CTN

At GLIDE, our commitment has always been to uplift and empower our community, ensuring everyone has the tools and resources to thrive.  We’re thrilled to announce the renewal of our partnership with the Community Tech Network (CTN). This deepening alliance represents our joint ambition to bridge the digital divide and our vast strides in this direction together.

Tina Huang, our Client Advocate, beautifully captures the essence of our joint initiative: “It has been an honor to partner with CTN to build our community together. Helping our clients acquire internet literacy and access to tablet computers has been a transformative experience. Not only has it enriched their lives culturally, but it has also lifted their spirits, making them more optimistic about their future. The journey has been enriching, both materially and spiritually. We eagerly look forward to expanding our shared horizons with CTN, creating more life-altering moments.”

Reaffirming our combined intent, Stephen Minor, Senior Manager at CTN, remarked, “It is always a pleasure to renew and strengthen our ties with GLIDE. Our continued collaboration aims to further digital inclusivity, bringing transformative benefits to every community member supported by GLIDE.”

Our ongoing iPad program, which commenced on 9/15/2023 and is slated to run until 03/30/2024, represents much more than a leap in technological outreach. It embodies the profound commitment we share with CTN to arm our community members with tools to transform their lives. The feedback we’ve received so far has been exceptionally positive, and we are filled with anticipation for the continued impact the program promises to make in our participants’ lives in the coming months.


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