An Officer and a Mensch

Bringing a GLIDE Lens to the Justice System

3 Days

Immersive learning, service, and reflection

About the Program

An Officer and a Mensch is a non-traditional leadership program providing law enforcement and staff the opportunities to better understanding and empathy with historically oppressed communities like the Tenderloin.

Led by CSJ’s manager for Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation, Rabbi Michael Lezak, participants come to GLIDE for three days of immersive service, learning and reflection, serving alongside GLIDE staff, while focusing on four areas of leadership: Wellness, Growth, Spirit and Empathy.

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They wanted to jolt those in their lines of work into thinking more generously and creatively about how to help the most vulnerable. And they hope it is an idea that will spread.” 

Nita Lelyveld
LA Times, September 14, 2019
“What if I were homeless? An immersion course in empathy in San Francisco’s Tenderloin”