Leadership Academy

A Collaboration with Skywatchers


arts-based empowerment curriculum


GLIDE’s Leadership Academy, a collaboration with Skywatchers, graduated its second cohort of activist-leaders in July of this year. Each cohort completes a 16-week arts-based empowerment curriculum, and several performances focused on the social change. Group participants create the performances and projects to address the change they want to see in the community.

Graduates of both cohorts are meeting for a retreat in September to plan the groups’ next steps, while GLIDE and Skywatchers explore greater collaboration.

Graduates have gone on to continue powerful work in the community. To date, graduates have hosted and participated in numerous successful community events, including three press conferences on housing/shelter, a domestic violence educational forum, a panel on homelessness for local high-school students, a study on homelessness in SF, combination film/performance for over 600 guests in the GLIDE Sanctuary, and many community shows in the Tenderloin.

This is all possible because of the strong relationships between graduates – we are building a beloved community.

“I feel like I’m helping to heal, and I’m being healed at the same time, in this process with Skywatchers.”

— Shakiri