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Easter at GLIDE

GLIDE Staff and Volunteers at the Annual Spring Egg Hunt 

“We’re using the church as Easter egg grounds,” said GLIDE President & CEO Dr. Gina Fromer who spoke with ABC7 news. “We’ve got eggs and candy secretly hidden everywhere. Kids are having a ball running though the pews.” 

Glide Memorial Church’s annual Spring Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30th served 65 families from the Tenderloin.   

easter folks child church 2024

Tenderloin resident Rebecca with her seven-year-old son, Andy

Dozens of volunteers were on hand to ensure that families, including those from GLIDE housing and the Janice Mirikitani Family Youth and Childcare Center, had a safe space to celebrate. “We come to GLIDE because they have a lot of services that can help us,” said Rebecca, who has been bringing seven-year-old Andy to the Egg Hunt for three years. “We never will miss the Easter Egg Hunt.” 

The event was supposed to be held at Boeddeker Park, but rain had left the park too muddy for the event. Volunteers from Glide Memorial Church hid hundreds of eggs and candy around the sanctuary, ensuring that families in the Tenderloin would have a dry place to celebrate.  “Glide stepped in as it usually does and saved the day,” Dr. Gina told ABC7.   

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Additional crafts and activities were held in Freedom Hall.  Children also received books and lunches they could take home.  One of the highlights of the event was a “Love Train” dance led by Dr. Gina. 

Standing Room Only Easter Celebrations at Glide Memorial Church 

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Minister Marvin K. White opened the Easter Sunday Celebrations by recognizing the diversity of people, faiths and cultures present at the standing room-only gathering: “Welcome to Glide Memorial Church everybody! Happy Transgender Day of visibility!  Happy Maya Angelou’s Birthday! Happy National Poetry Month, coming up in April! And Happy Easter everyone!” 

 easter celebration 2024 marvin

Glide Memorial Church held three Easter services on Sunday, March 31st.  The 7 am Sunrise service, which was famously a favorite of Maya Angelou and Oprah, focused on community support, prayers and songs. Camryn Crump, who is an Executive Assistant at Glide Memorial Church office, shared his talents with the congregation and sang his first solo at the early morning Celebration. 

Minister Marvin K White’s message focused on storytelling, hope and the lessons he learned about feeding others from his mother and grandmother.  In the 9 and 11 am Celebrations, Minister Marvin shared poems by Maya Angelou that were curated to support those journeying through grief, addiction and other struggles. “Because I know if there’s going to be a resurrection. If people are going to come back to life, it’s going to happen here at Glide Memorial Church because that’s all we want to see happen,” said Glide Pastor Marvin K. White told ABC7 news. 

Inspiration percolated throughout the church pews. “We’ve seen churches take a big blow since the pandemic,” said church volunteer Blake Riggs. “The community was hurting and as we’ve come back from that, this is a resurrection of the church and the resurrection of Glide.”