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Free Tenderloin Walking Tours

This is a collaboration between Glide Memorial Church (GMC) and the Tenderloin Walking Tours (TLWT) with Del Seymour and Donna Hilliard of Code Tenderloin, the Executive Director of TL Walking Tours. There is a longstanding relationship between Minister Marvin K. White the Minister of Celebration at GMC and Del Seymour – founder of TLWT, and although this is the last one until new dates are set, this will continue to be a great collaboration and event long into the future; to continue to bring love, light, joy, and awareness to our beautiful Tenderloin community and people. We have shared the great diversity of our beloved people, programs, history, and unity that takes place and is experienced by locals and visitors alike; every second of every day!

Our hope and prayer is that all who are not familiar or that live in SF will come on out and take a walk with us to get a firsthand experience of this magical and magnificent part of San Francisco and it’s revered neighborhood. Many great things have happened here and many great people; including you, have and will walk these TL streets and learn, grow, connect with, and support all the amazing work and play that is done here.

One example is just recently Del organized a response tour to the dreaded “Doom Loop Tour” that was set to show all the desolation of the TL, but was cancelled, due to the creation of a massive TL Walking tour to combat and contrast to show the best parts of the TL and it garnered 117 plus people to take the tour, the largest in it’s history! This gained widespread media attention and put the power back into the people’s hands.

So, if you want to witness and experience that love for the TL, it’s people, and community unity, then please sign up via the glide.org website link and the tl walking tours website link.
The tour is scheduled for September 3rd at 1030am (right after the 9am service ends); and 1230pm (right after the 11am service ends).