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Eye on the Ball: How to keep housing, for you and everyone in the Tenderloin

This week, our first of many Development Without Displacement Community Workshops met in collaboration with over 80 residents and nonprofit allies. We talked about displacement and how to create a neighborhood and a city where we can all live in the neighborhoods we’ve been a part of for so long.

We wanted to share some images from the gathering, along with our plan for how to make our community safer and more inclusive for all its residents who are affected by gentrification, both physically and psychologically. We will be hosing other similar events soon.
In the coming weeks, we’ll also have a series of “know your rights” blog posts for renters who (at almost any income level) need to protect themselves from unjust eviction.

Many thanks to Sam Dennison, 826 Valencia and all of the facilitators, volunteers, art project leaders and community members who made it happen. Here’s to a strong, hopeful and unified neighborhood!


The verb form of community: to commune. Several dozen people of all backgrounds sat together, listened, and shared stories, as television cameras took note. We made community large-scale art projects and podcasts too. Photo by Laura Ceron.


Writing to the City Planning Commission — Having our voices heard. Photo by Laura Ceron.


Mapping where we’ve been and what we’ve seen change. By the end, we had three large maps, covered with memories of the changes in our city and neighborhood over the years. Photo by Laura Ceron.


Facilitating at the outset and close, community member and Faithful Fools Director Sam Dennison helps attendees connect with each other. Photo by Laura Ceron.

Ben Lintschinger is the Manager of GLIDE’s Advocacy Program, part of GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice. He has worked at GLIDE for over five years and has expertise in social welfare policy, program evaluation and clinical social work. He enjoys working as a part of GLIDE’s broadly diverse community, where he gets to see people from many walks of life work towards and celebrate creating a more just, equitable and caring society.