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Eye on the Ball: Let’s End Family Homelessness

let's end family homelessness
Every Sunday in January, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm at GLIDE. To sign up, call (415) 674-6080 or email GLIDE’s Advocacy Manager, Ben, at BL@glide.org
According to the 2017 Point in Time Count, there are still nearly 200 homeless families with children in San Francisco. In a city as wealthy as ours, there is no reason why children and their parents should worry about where they will rest their heads at night.

In the New Year, we will need volunteers like you to join GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice in collecting signatures to help End Family Homelessness.

Throughout January, we are collecting signatures in order to put the Arts and Family Homelessness Measure on the June 2018 ballot. This measure would not require any new taxes but instead would take revenue from San Francisco’s existing hotel tax and commit it to programs for the arts (everything from community arts to the opera) and programs addressing family homelessness. Specifically, through this measure, family homelessness programs would receive an additional $17 million in funding per year to provide housing, shelter and services to the families who need it most.

Some of you will recall that the Arts and Family Homelessness measure was first on the local ballot in November 2016 as Measure S. At the time, it required a two-thirds majority to pass and fell just short, receiving 64% of the vote.

Now, due to a recent law change, the measure would need just over 50% of the vote to pass. This is an historic opportunity. So, we are gathering signatures to make sure it’s on the ballot this June.

GLIDE enthusiastically endorses this important measure, which would have a real impact on real people in our community by strengthening family homelessness programming. The increase in funding would help hundreds of families get off the street and under a roof of their own.

We need your help to make this happen. Our coalition of community groups needs to gather 15,000 signatures to put this measure on the ballot again. Every single signature counts and every volunteer is making a huge difference!

Food, training and good company provided.

Call me, Ben Lintschinger, at (415) 674-6080 to sign up or e-mail BL@glide.org. You can also sign up on our calendar: www.glide.volunteerhub.com (you will need to a create an account to sign up this way if you don’t already have one).

Join us: January 7, 14, 21 and 28.

In Solidarity,

Ben Lintschinger is the Manager of GLIDE’s Advocacy Program, part of GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice. He has worked at GLIDE for over five years and has expertise in social welfare policy, program evaluation and clinical social work. Eye on the Ball is his regular column for GLIDE’s blog.