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Eye on the Ball: Together, we can make California a Sanctuary State!

Welcome to another edition of Eye on the Ball, where we share what’s going on and how you can join us—in a movement for justice, for the health and wellbeing of our communities, and for an equitable and inviting world for all.


Henry, GLIDE Church congregant and activist, joined the contingent advocating for SB54 in Sacramento on March 15. 

This week: Sanctuary and our local response to the hostile and dangerous immigration and border policies of the current administration in Washington.
GLIDE, with many organizations, churches and individuals across the state, is mobilizing to protect the people, families and communities threatened by the federal government’s mass-deportation agenda. If you haven’t already, we urge you to join us. Opportunities abound to stand with and make a difference for your neighbors in need.
This week, our partners at Faith In Action are holding another in a series of RAPID RESPONSE TRAININGS, which prepare volunteers to be allies to people targeted for deportation, and their families, in various ways. The next training is this Tuesday, March 28, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, in the Bermann Room at Fromm’s Hall, Parker St. at Golden Gate Ave. No RSVP necessary, just come and learn how you can be an ally to your immigrant neighbors. You can contact Julie@faithinactionba.org for more details.
You may also know about California Senate Bill 54, which would make California a Sanctuary State in much the same way San Francisco is a Sanctuary City. GLIDE joined some 1,200 people from across California at a rally outside the state capitol just last week. If passed into law, this bill could mandate all state agencies and employees to keep the immigration status of California residents private. No more would ICE be able to deport someone whose information was obtained from California police departments or other civic entities.
But there is a real danger that this bill will be watered down. We can’t let that happen! Please help ensure this important protection is extended across California’s vulnerable immigrant communities. Call your state representative and let her or him know that we want a clean bill, in which California offers all its vulnerable immigrant communities a basic level of protection from the administration’s mass-deportation scheme. Here’s a good article explaining the reasoning behind the bill. And here’s a sample call script you can use:
Hello, my name is _________, and I’m a constituent living at ______________________. I’m calling to thank the Senator/Assemblyman for his/her leadership so far on SB 54, and to ask for his/her continued leadership to advocate for an amendment-free bill to ensure that *all* Californians are given the dignity and protection they deserve.  Thank you.
[If you have a story of someone you know or other personal comments, include as well]. 
Do you live near GLIDE? We have a neighborhood meeting coming up on Tuesday, March 28, for TL Solidarity, where we plan how to respond locally to politics nationally. We’re planning a May Day action on May 1st. Come be a part of it! March 28 at 4:00 pm, here at GLIDE, 330 Ellis Street at the corner with Taylor.
GLIDE is on the move, building a just and equitable future that includes all of us. Contact advocate@glide.org to learn more about how you can be involved. Additionally, make sure to check our GLIDE Advocacy page regularly to keep up with the latest social justice-oriented events and actions in the Bay Area.

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The GLIDE contingent in Sacramento on March 15, standing up for immigrant rights and SB54.

Ben Lintschinger is the Manager of GLIDE’s Advocacy Program, part of GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice. He has worked at GLIDE for over five years and has expertise in social welfare policy, program evaluation and clinical social work. He enjoys working as a part of GLIDE’s broadly diverse community, where he gets to see people from many walks of life work towards and celebrate creating a more just, equitable and caring society.