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From Serving Meals to Improving Data

We are happy to feature this reflection by Precious Listana, Public Policy Fellow at Twitter, on some of the ways that Twitter gives back to the community by volunteering at GLIDE. Many thanks to Bano, Kania, and the entire Twitter crew for always making GLIDE a part of #TwitterForGood. 

It started off with a #TwitterForGood Day at GLIDE.
Every day, GLIDE welcomes 85 volunteers to fill their breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts, serving more than 2,000 meals a day in San Francisco.  
One year ago, Satanjeev Banerjee (Bano) signed up for a meal service project with GLIDE through a #TwitterForGood Day, a bi-annual event where Twitter employees around the world give back to their communities.

twitter volunteers

Twitter volunteers at GLIDE.

For many volunteers like Bano, serving meals is their starting point for learning about GLIDE’s holistic services:
“At some point, I talked to the volunteer coordinator at GLIDE, and she said that there are other opportunities to get involved, like the Data, Strategy and Evaluation (DSE) team.”

As companies look for opportunities to engage, equip and excite their employees, skills-based volunteering is a proven method that does all three.
Now, Bano volunteers with GLIDE DSE every week. He helps the team with their data needs, including entry, processing, analytics and more. One of the best parts has been sharing this experience with his Twitter team members.

Since he began volunteering, he has recruited Kania Azrina, a software engineer, to join in too.
“When I met Bano, he told me about how he was working with GLIDE’s data team and I got really excited.” said Kania. “It’s an intersection of my technical skills and my passion for community development.”

bano sarah and Kania

Bano, Sarah & Kania (left to right) analyze GLIDE’s data to prepare for #TwitterForGood Day.

Instead of serving meals for the most recent #TwitterForGood Day on May 18th, both of them co-led a project with Sarah Wunning, the lead for GLIDE’s data team.

bano tweet

Check out Bano’s tweet here. 

And it doesn’t stop there. After learning about Bano and Kania’s story, another engineer from Docker reached out to GLIDE DSE and committed to providing eight hours of pro-bono volunteering.

For Bano and Kania, working with GLIDE started by serving meals. And now, they are working to improve their data to better serve their populations, and have an even more meaningful impact in our community.

Check out this video to learn more!
bano sarah and kania 2