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GLIDE celebrates Assemblymember Matt Haney and a $1M milestone

Glide Family,“GLIDE is one of the most essential institutions in our city and there is no better investment than in the betterment of GLIDE,” said Haney.It is with great joy that our GLIDE family warmly welcomed Matt Haney on September 25 to thank him for his support of a $1 million allocation in the State budget to fund GLIDE’s modernization project!This investment will fund restoration of the stained-glass windows in the Glide Memorial Sanctuary, provide seismic upgrades and repairs to the Taylor Gate elevator, and modernize our audio-visual equipment throughout the organization.Attendees at today’s event included Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party Honey Mahogany, Interim CEO Malcolm Walter, the Executive team, and GLIDE staff.For Assemblymember Haney, GLIDE remains a beacon of light for a city that champions GLIDE’s values of unconditional love and radical inclusion.“These investments being funded by the people of California will go a long way into improving access for people who frequent GLIDE’s services. As far as my role is concerned, representing this community, I can’t think of a better investment we can make as a state and in the future of GLIDE.”Please visit our social media channels on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn  to see more coverage from Matt’s visit to GLIDE.Love always,