GLIDE Stands with the Asian American Community

Dear Community,

When earlier this week a white man coldly and cruelly murdered eight human beings in Atlanta, seven of them women and six of those women of Asian descent, we were like so many people around the world horrified and grief-stricken. But, sadly, we were not surprised.

White supremacy, racism, xenophobia, and sexism have long wielded inauthentic and oppressive privilege, and we are in the midst of a rising resurgence of its violence intentionally stoked by demagogues who benefit from it to the detriment of us all.

This rising tide of violence has manifested itself in our very own city, with vicious attacks on our elders including a grandmother and cancer-survivor standing on Market Street only a few blocks from GLIDE.

These attacks against our neighbors and families of Asian descent are, we must say again, an attack on us all.

As a social justice organization and movement founded and led for decades by an Asian American woman and an African American man, and an interracial couple, we not only recognize the deep roots of racism and misogyny in this country; we also know the possibility and power in overcoming its virulent efforts to divide us from one another and rule us by fear.

For almost 60 years now, we have faced down that fear and violence with love, with the courage to look and listen to one another. And in recognizing the humanity of the other, we have found the humanity in ourselves.

We must continue to stand up for one another, we must continue to stand together. And that means listening, seeing and following the lead of our community members of Asian background and descent in this moment when they have been intentionally targeted by people in power who know well how to play on longstanding myths and prejudices to keep us attacking one another instead of uniting in mutual interest for our own collective benefit.

Now is the time to learn more, listen more, and come together to understand where we are, and where we must get to—together—for a just and nurturing future for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and all our fellow human beings.

If you are in San Francisco, please join us in showing up for our Asian American community at a noon gathering tomorrow (Saturday) hosted by the Chinese Progressive Association.

In solidarity and love, always,


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