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GLIDE Voices: Lanie Igtanloc on Filipino American History Month

GLIDE Voices is highlighting Filipino American History Month. We asked Lanie Igtanloc, Director of Family Youth and Childcare Center, what GLIDE value resonates with you this month and why?

“One of the GLIDE values that resonates with me most is the value of For the People. At FYCC we welcome everyone; we help everyone regardless of who you are or what circumstances you have in life. FYCC will work with families no matter what; we are here for them. One of the best examples of this was during COVID, when we closed our Childcare and Afterschool program because of the virus. One of the things that we did following our site closure was call the families and children. We asked if they were okay, what they needed, and how we could help them through this crisis. Our teachers – together with our Family Resource Center thought to distribute food among our parents and families. We did this not only for our parents enrolled in our Center but for the entire Tenderloin community. FYCC became a food distribution site. This is what the value For the People is all about. We always think about our families, parents, and children. 

I grew up in the Philippines, in the Visayan region. As a Filipino coming here to the United States and sharing my culture here at GLIDE, I share similar values. Being ready to help each other is inspiring and enough to feel proud to be a Filipino. Beyond resilience, adaptability and courage are important to have in facing very difficult times, as well as always being ready to help anybody in need.  

What I love most about working at GLIDE is that you make a difference in the lives of children and families.” 

Lanie Igtanloc, FYCC Director