Be The Change: November Volunteer Newsletter

Pictured above is Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager, Khaboshi Imbukwa, signing up a member of Kings of Cali, our local motorcycle club.

Hello & Welcome Back

Welcome back to our monthly volunteer newsletter. This has been a busy month for the team. With Holiday Jam and Thanksgiving happening in November, we have had a busy and fulfilling few weeks.  

I would like to give a very special and warm thank-you to the volunteers who made our Thanksgiving Day services so spectacular. I am excited for everyone’s energy to carry forward as we move through the giving season. 

As always, please let us know if you have any experiences or volunteers, you would like us to highlight in the future. 

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Have you made your Holiday volunteering plans? GLIDE would love to have you with us in this merry season to serve meals to community members in need.  

We are specifically looking for support with GLIDE on the GO for Christmas Eve. During this shift you would assist with packing meals to be delivered to community members that cannot be with us in person.  

We encourage you to sign up and volunteer for this shift, and any additional shifts that interest you this winter season. We would love to have your support in making the holidays special for all our people in the Tenderloin and beyond. 

Supporting Our Community

Pictured above are some of the amazing youth volunteers that came through on Thanksgiving Day to make the day incredibly special.

Volunteer Group Spotlight: Thanksgiving Brunch 

I had the pleasure of supporting our volunteer team as we orchestrated over 200 volunteers on Thanksgiving Day! It was amazing to see families and friends come together to feed our community members last week.

Finding Purpose Through Service

Pictured above is Jasmin at one of our daily lunch services.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jasmin  

Jasmin came into the volunteer office hoping to get involved with GLIDEs work. I had the opportunity of interviewing her, and hearing how GLIDE is a part of her inspiring journey of self-discovery. 

Tessa: What brings you here? 

Jasmin: I am actually on a spiritual journey of awakening enlightment and transformation.  

She spoke openly about how reading Rebirth by Kamal Ravicant, a story of traveling the Camino de Santiago and finding oneself, inspired her to heal herself of the traumas she carried through her own form of pilgrimage. She began traveling in August of 2022, and went from New York to DC to Paris to Madrid to Spain, volunteering in different communities. Finally, she found herself in Porto and began the Camino she had read about months earlier.  

“By the time I was at my first albergues – affordable hostels, I had nothing but the jacket on my back and what I had stuffed in my pockets.” 

For Jasmin it was about opening her heart to the situations she found herself in and connecting with people in transformational ways. 

Jasmin then returned to the United States and volunteered with the Red Cross for six months. At this point in her journey, she had volunteered in 5 countries, and 8 American states.  

Tessa: I’m interested in why you chose GLIDE; what brought you here? 

Jasmin: I have always wanted to visit San Francisco. The day before visiting GLIDE, I came into town and visited the Catholic Charities. From there I went to Dolores Street Center, and I heard the name GLIDE. 

 The next day she walked into our office. 

What spoke to me the most during our conversation was her belief in traveling rich in mind, body, and soul. In Jasmin’s eyes, it’s important to give out love; it’s our responsibility to each other, and she tries to embody that in all aspects of her life. 

“I take nothing but what’s on my back and I live from the kindness of strangers. I live the creed. I treat people how I want to be treated, and it returns itself 10-fold every single time.” 

Her year long journey of self-discovery is coming to an end, and she plans to return to New York. 

Jasmin: In this phase now, I feel that I’ve reached the point of completion.  

Jasmin is ready for the next step, and plans to start a few humanitarian initiatives, and pursue a Master’s in Legal Studies. 

She has found her purpose in loving and caring for those around her. Just as GLIDE prides itself on being unconditional, she has made that her own personal mission. It was through this unconditional love that she found herself again. 

“Even walking on the streets, I want people to feel that they are loved. With no expectations of anything in return. I just want people to know that no matter where you’re going, where you’re from, or who you are, you deserve love; we deserve love. And I feel like it’s my responsibility to give that love, and I do that everywhere I go. It’s been incredibly rewarding.” 

Thank you again to our Volunteers

Thank you for reading this month’s newsletter. As always, you can contact us via tstapp@glide.org if you would like to suggest a story to be featured.