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GLIDE Women’s History Stories

Women’s History Month is an ongoing celebration of the courageous women who have made contributions to not just human history but GLIDE history. 

The shoulders that women stand on today is made up of both trailblazers and unsung heroes such as the abolitionists,  suffragists, labor leaders, pioneering scientists, engineers, public servants, innovative artists and the brave volunteers of our Armed forces.

GLIDE staff is made up of a diverse mixture of women and their varied cultural stories, including their own personal challenges that they have had to overcome. We hope this video series serves as a reminder of the vital work they perform and continue to move forward the role of women in realizing their full potential while improving the lives of all people.

Through these stories, we at GLIDE continue to break down barriers and look to create a world that breaks down all walls and fosters unconditional love for all.