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GLIDE’s Statement on Israel

The GLIDE Foundation and Glide Memorial Church extend our deepest sympathy to those grieving and impacted by the escalating violence and the heinous acts of terror against innocent people. We deplore the actions of Hamas and we are acutely aware these actions have consequences, rippling out to touch many lives — innocent civilians, women, children, and babies, often those least deserving of the burden. In Israel, in Gaza and beyond, let us pray and strive for a future where innocent people no longer pay the price for conflicts they did not create. We pray for all those who are suffering in the wake of this unspeakable tragedy. We see you and we feel your pain.At GLIDE, we believe and work tirelessly in creating a just and loving community every day, no matter how hard that may be. Since our inception in 1929, we have been a house of worship for all people. If you are hurting or scared, we invite you to join us this Sunday for celebration at either 9am or 11am. We are a radically inclusive faith tradition that welcomes all, unconditionally. Our doors are always open for you.

Rabbi Michael LezakMinister Marvin K. White