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Gratitude and GLIDE Make for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was back indoors at GLIDE and our Daily Free Meals Program delivered the goods by anticipating the full rush of hungry diners and serving 2,400 + meals, along with 240 meals delivered by our Harm Reduction team.

Thanks to our many volunteers (including an appearance by San Francisco motorcycle club Kings of Cali) and staff, hundreds of turkeys and hams were carved and prepared for consumption, including more than 1,300 pounds of potatoes, nearly 1,000 pounds of fresh vegetables, several hundred gallons of stuffing, all to the delight of our Glide community.

Glide Minister of Celebration, Marvin K. White hosted a Thanksgiving Celebration service, featuring not only music from the GLIDE Ensemble and Change Band but appearances by San Francisco Mayor London Breed and California Assemblyman Matt Haney.

Special volunteer shout-outs to SFPD Chief Bill Scott, SFFD Chief Jeanine Nicholson, and San Francisco Accessor-Recorder Joaquin Torres. In addition to members of local groups, Both Sides of the Conversation and U.N.I.T.Y. and the rest of our 200+ volunteers!

“Today, I see a bright, shining star,” said Mayor Breed. “The new president & CEO, Dr. Gina Fromer. I’ve worked with Dr. Fromer over the years, and I can tell you she brings so much happiness and joy to her work. I know that all of the great work she did at the San Francisco Children’s Council she will also bring to Glide.”

“Today is about gratitude. I woke up this morning and I said to myself that I am so grateful for family, for my job, for my faith, for my church, and for my children, and for all the people working on behalf of the city of San Francisco,” said Dr. Gina Fromer, president & CEO of Glide.”

Dr. Fromer reminded us that Thanksgiving is not just one day. It’s every day. GLIDE gives every day back to our community. “Volunteers, serving food every day, our Walk-In-Center, delivering bags of groceries to those in need, GLIDE is not just a building but is about taking our goods and services to the people.”

Assemblyman Matt Haney took to the pulpit and spoke to the history of GLIDE and its relationship to the city. “GLIDE is the most essential, iconic institution in San Francisco when it comes to representing our values,” said Haney in front of the GLIDE faithful.

“Thanksgiving is the only holiday we have dedicated to gratitude. Living in the Tenderloin is living in the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. And the folks who live here overwhelmingly treat each other with friendship, kindness, and compassion. We need GLIDE more than ever.”

Thanksgiving, 2023