Every summer, university students from across the country come to San Francisco for the GLIDE Emerging Leaders Internship.


Over 10 weeks, students gain both practical skills in our leading-edge service programs as well as intensive training in GLIDE's understanding and practice of inclusion, spirituality, and leadership. 

The 2018 summer internship runs from June 18th through August 17th.



About the Program

Following a 2-week immersive rotation through GLIDE's services, each intern matches into a specific placement in one of our program focus areas: domestic violence support, HIV prevention, primary heatlh care, school-age youth, supportive housing, community arts development, executive leadership, homeless services, food security, case management, job training, and volunteer management. Specific placements and projects change each summer, but our core focus on radical acceptance and walking our talk remains constant.


About You

Strong candidates for the internship program are self-aware, compassionate students already engaged in their communities. Many are looking at a summer at GLIDE in order to experience first-hand what it means to be involved on the social and economic edges of society.


Recent interns have come from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, the University of San Francisco, Yale College, Northwestern University, Austin College (TX), Southwestern University, and Yale Divinity School.


Available Funding

GLIDE has a limited number of stipends available for enrolled degree students from UC Berkeley and UC Davis.

Students from other schools typically are self-funded either through a portable fellowship or directly through their academic programs. Each year, for example, the program typically accepts one seminarian through the Beatitudes Society Fellowship as well as a practicum student from Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy.


Back to Walk the Talk

To Apply




Download the application, fill it and follow the instrucions in it to apply to the 2018 Emerging Leaders Summer Internship Program.



Download PDF Application here


Download Word Application here



Find out more

To read more about the summer internship program, check out our FAQ.


Still have a question about the summer internship? Contact the Emerging Leaders Internship Program manager at or 415.674.6014.


Other Internship Opportunities at GLIDE

Other internship and service-learning opportunities can be created for self-motivated, organized students who have the formal support of their school programs. If you are seeking a formal, unpaid internship placement at GLIDE as part of an academic or service learning program, please contact Lauren Small, GLIDE's Volunteer Resource Program Coordinator at or 415.674.6019.


For those seeking service learning or other unpaid opportunities who are not affiliated with a school-based or training program, please contact GLIDE's Volunteer Resource Program.

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