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08/26/2013 Church of the Open Doors - Sojourners
08/20/2013 Tenderloin Corner Named To Honor Glide Co-Founder -
08/19/2013 San Francisco's Glide Memorial Church Celebrates 50 Years - NBC Bay Area
08/19/2013 Tenderloin opens hearts for Sunday Streets - San Francisco Chronicle

Warren Buffett lunch auction expected to raise millions for charity. -


How much will lunch with Warren Buffett cost you? - San Francisco Business Times


Buffett's Charity Lunch Auction Climbs on First Day - Bloomberg


Warren Buffett not a cheap lunch date; auction bids hit $168,000 - Los Angeles Times


Warren Buffett Lunch Auction Opens - ABC News


Bidding begins for lunch with Warren Buffett - CNN Money


Auction of lunch with Warren Buffett starts on Sunday - Bloomberg Businessweek


Lunch With Warren Buffett Has Raised Nearly $15 Million for Charity - WSJ


Auction of lunch with Warren Buffett starts Sunday - ABC


Warren Buffett Lunch Auction to Kick Off June 2 - Huffington Post


GLIDE's Annual eBay Auction for Power Lunch with Warren Buffett - Yahoo Finance


Buffett Charity Lunch Auction Reaps Record $3.46 Million


Warren Buffett Auction Wins Big for GLIDE - eBay Inc


SF's Glide Foundation Sets Fundraising Record At Warren Buffett Auction


Buffett Lunch Auction Takes In Record $3.46 Million - Bloomberg


Buffett lunch sells for record $3456789 - CNN Money

06/08/2012 Warren Buffett lunch raises record $3.45 million for Glide
04/10/2012 Hacking for Good: Coders and Community Workers Unite in San Francisco
02/22/2012 Healthcare Reform's Missing Link - Nurse Practitioners
02/18/2012 A Quiet Struggle Within the Gay Marriage Fight
02/13/2012 GLIDE Health Services Recognized as National Model: James Irvine Foundation Recognizes UCSF's Patricia Dennehy
01/19/2012 Roof Gardeners Figure Out How to Keep Things Light
01/02/2012 Bruins Help Out the Homeless at GLIDE Memorial Church (VIDEO)
12/29/2011 St. Anthony's and GLIDE Host The University of Illinois and UCLA Football Teams For A Pre-Bowl Game Huddle To End Hunger
12/25/2011 Thousands Pack GLIDE Memorial for Christmas Dinner
12/20/2011 GLIDE Church Hands Out 8,000 Toys (VIDEO)
12/16/2011 Grocery Giveaway Begins at GLIDE Church (VIDEO)
12/16/2011 GLIDE Memorial Gives Out Holiday Groceries to Thousands of Needy Families (VIDEO)
11/25/2011 Occupy SF Plans to Hold Feast on Bocce Ball Courts
11/24/2011 San Francisco's GLIDE Memorial Serving More Than Just Homeless on Thanksgiving
11/23/2011 GLIDE Memorial Church Preps for Massive Annual Thanksgiving Feast
11/19/2011 GLIDE Memorial Church Accepting Turkey Donations at Local Safeways

'I'm One of the 99 Percent,' Said Rev. Williams Who Fed Occupy SF Protesters

11/04/2011 GLIDE: A Champion Non-Profit
09/24/2011 SF Empower Helps Diabetics with Mental Illness
09/13/2011 Buffett Auction Winner Lands Berkshire Job
07/31/2011 Comparing Bay Area Rooftop Gardens
06/17/2011 Free Dental Care Gives Uninsured a Reason to Smile
06/11/2011 Buffett Lunch Sets $2.6 Million Record After All

Bidding for Private Lunch with Warren Buffett tops $2.3M, Approaching Last Year's $2.6M

06/06/2011 Lunch with Guru Buffett: $2million and Counting
06/03/2011 To Them, Up on the Roof is Like Down on the Farm
06/03/2011 Warren Buffett Lunch Auction Kicking Off
06/02/2011 Bidding Starts Sunday for Seven-Digit Steak With Warren Buffett
05/31/2011 Roof Gardeners Figure Out How to Keep Things Light
05/10/2011 Charity to Auction Lunch Date with Warren Buffett
05/10/2011 Buffett's Annual Charity Lunch Auction to Seek Bids from June 5
04/24/2011 GLIDE Memorial Expects to Serve 2000 this Easter Breakfast (VIDEO)
04/24/2011 Tenderloin Church Expects to Serve Easter Meals to Thousands of the Less Fortunate
04/23/2011 Homeless to Happyness
04/22/2011 New Earth Day Festival Comes to SF's Civic Center 
04/21/2011 Visiting Teens Explore Justice in Bay Area
04/14/2011 United Sikhs volunteers serve Langar at the GLIDE Foundation in San Francisco (PHOTOS)
02/17/2011 A Black History Moment: A Few Good Men

Sandwich Making at GLIDE Memorial Church is a Big Win for Volunteers, Too

02/06/2011 Emma Jean and the GLIDE Ensemble of GLIDE Memorial Church (VIDEO)
01/17/2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Dreaming of A Brighter Future
01/16/2011 GLIDE Memorial Church Ushers in Loving Bond
01/09/2011 GLIDE Memorial, with guest Reverend Cecil Williams (AUDIO)
01/08/2011 Pack Football: Pack Helps Serve San Francisco Community
01/07/2011 Giant Noodle Statue Calls Attention to Hunger
12/25/2010 GLIDE Offers San Francisco's Homeless, Hope and a Hot Meal
12/24/2010 GLIDE Feeds Prime Rib Lunch to the Homeless (VIDEO)
12/24/2010 GLIDE Memorial Worried Supplies for Charity Dinner Will Fall Short (VIDEO)
12/23/2010 GLIDE to Host Prime Rib Lunch for the Homeless
12/17/2010 GLIDE Memorial Church in SF Hands Out Free Groceries
12/16/2010 GLIDE Memorial Struggling to Meet Demands of Needy During Holidays (VIDEO)
12/14/2010 Bringing Down the House with GLIDE SF
12/13/2010 Asian Chefs Cook Holiday Meal at GLIDE Church
12/08/2010 GLIDE Fundraiser Mixes the Good with the Greasy
11/30/2010 Robin Williams GLIDE's Into Charity Show
11/29/2010 Robin Williams and W. Kamau Bell at GLIDE's Annual Holiday Festival
11/26/2010  Thanksgiving Volunteers Feed the Less Fortunate
11/23/2010 Toys for Tots and GLIDE Memorial Church to Benefit from 8th Annual 'Give Thanks' Thanksgiving Eve Party 2010 at Ruby Skye Night Club San Francisco
11/18/2010 Sikh Organizations Partner with GLIDE Memorial Church to Feed the Hungry
11/08/2010 On the Move: How Do Young People Experience Migration?
11/08/2010 Inner-City Mission: Glide Memorial UMC Lives Out Message of Unconditional Love
11/03/2010 Tenderloin Rooftop Sprouts Garden Oasis
11/03/2010 Tenderloin Farm Sprouts to Inspire Healthy Eating
10/24/2010 Beyond the Headlines: Hunger (VIDEO)
10/18/2010 GLIDE Health Services Get Much Needed Federal Funding Boost
10/07/2010 The Compton's Cafeteria Riot

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