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Justice In The News


The Rabbi and His Church
At San Francisco’s Glide Center for Social Justice, Michael Lezak brings his rabbinical training to a different kind of pulpit—one whose worship ‘celebrations’ include a gospel choir

How the World Should Be: Jews, Social Justice, and GLIDE
by Rabbi Michael Lezak
After a year working in GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice, the question I get most frequently is, “What does being a Rabbi at GLIDE mean?”

A Window Onto an American Nightmare
By Nathan Heller
As the homelessness crisis and the coronavirus crisis converge, what can we learn from one city’s struggles?

Reflections: The UCSF/GLIDE pilgrimage to Alabama
By Dan Lowenstein, MD Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP)
The rain is pelting down from the dark gray and black cloud-covered Montgomery sky, and I find myself in a place I never knew existed.

At the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Alabama, a Lesson in Memory and Responsibility
By Ari Y. Kelman
Individual acts of violence are horrifying, but coordination of violent action and inaction necessitated the infrastructure that allowed it to happen

The Day the Horses Rode By: Reflections on the Redemptive Potential of Black Practices of Overcoming
By Isoke Femi
One synonym for hope is optimism, which can be defined as a “disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome


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