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Building a movement based on unconditional love towards a more just and equitable world.

Be the Change

GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice works to influence public policy and change public perceptions around poverty, discrimination, and civil and human rights. We do this through grassroots organizing, education, thought leadership, policy development and legal action. We convene policymakers and peers to amplify the voices of our community, while mobilizing congregants, clients, volunteers, donors and neighbors to become agents of social change.

We need you with us! Join with GLIDE to advance economic and social justice for all. There are many ways to be involved, make a difference, and advance a better world: Volunteer to serve a meal, join us in demonstrations and organizing for justice, help us expand voter registration and turnout. Sign up for regular communications from our advocacy team and stay up-to-date on all the ways that together we can create a more just and equitable world.

GLIDE Center for Social Justice is hosting monthly virtual events where we discuss our community’s role in advancing social justice with activist and community leaders whose work defies all odds.

True Sanctuary: SF City of Hope

Refugees and immigrants are one in every three San Francisco residents and are a vital…

GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice features Overdose Awareness Panel

This past August, 2023 GLIDE’s San Francisco Center for Social Justice and Glide Memorial Church,…

Trans Struggle, Trans Courage, Trans Pride in 2023

On June 29, 2023, GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice celebrated Trans Pride and the accomplishments…

AAPI Heritage Month: Anti-Asian Sentiment, its History, Trauma, and Healing

San Francisco officials received 60 reports of hate crimes against AAPI people in the city…

The Riders Come Out at Night: Brutality, Corruption and Cover up on Oakland

Join GLIDEs Center for Social Justice and authors Ali Winston and Darwin BondGraham to discuss…

Women’s History Month: Still I Rise documentary discussion

Join GLIDE in discussion with the director of the powerful, documentary film Still I Rise.…

Martin Luther King Jr.: The Message in Today’s World

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Baptist minister and social activist who led the civil…

Native American Heritage Month: American Indian Cultural District

Founded on March 31st, 2020, the American Indian Cultural District (AICD) is the first established…

Latinx Heritage Month: The Other Barrio

The city is changing…neighborhood-by-neighborhood, block-by-block, bar-by-bar — change with it or fight fire with fire.…

GLIDE Advocacy Events

Join us in taking action to create a more just world.