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Looking Back at 2023 Through Photos

The tumultuous year we’ve just weathered brought unprecedented challenges, compelling us to confront change on an extraordinary scale. Amid global uncertainties, GLIDE remains steadfast in fostering love and alleviating suffering.

As we reflect on the trials of the past year, we will miss Cecil’s leadership but are inspired by Dr. Fromer as she takes the helm from interim CEO Malcolm Walter as our new President and CEO.

We are particularly optimistic because we know how to adapt and grow as an organization founded on the enduring values of unconditional love and radical inclusion.

In the words of Minister of Celebration Marvin K. White, “If your body needs feeding, GLIDE serves health and social services through our programs. If your truth needs feeding, GLIDE serves advocacy through our Center for Social Justice. If your spirit needs feeding, GLIDE serves faith through Glide Memorial Church.”

Experience 2023 through our camera lens.