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Meet Brian Wang and Epidemic Ales!

GLIDE sends a huge shout out to the Epidemic Ales family for participating as a Food and Beverage Sponsor of this year’s 7th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala. We’re so excited to highlight their support, especially since one of their co-founders, Brian Wang, is also the Controller in GLIDE’s Finance Department!

Brian shares his GLIDE story below and answers our #topthree burning questions!

Q:        What does giving back mean to you and Epidemic Ales?
A:        Even during our planning stage, involvement in the community was something that was important to all of us. To be able to produce a quality product that makes us proud and know it can help so many great causes out there is massively rewarding. The brewery is truly a product of passion as we all still hold our full-time jobs; we do this because we enjoy doing it. Since selling our first keg a year ago in August 2015, we’ve participated in over 20 charitable
events. We do as many as we’re able. It’s hard to keep up as we’re asked to participate in a cause at least once a week.

Holly & Erin- SF Giants Beerfest
Q:        What do you and Epidemic Ales appreciate most about GLIDE?
A:        It’s often difficult to put GLIDE into words – GLIDE is so many things. It could also mean different things to different people depending on their own relationship with GLIDE. Officially GLIDE offers social services but in reality it’s much more; the organization is so dynamic that everybody is able to relate.

We want our awesome beers to be what draws people in initially but hope they’ll discover more. Erin- pink bootsThere aren’t many breweries that operate like we do, we have no employees – as owners we do everything. Customers can come to the taproom and talk to us, ask questions, see the equipment, ask for help on their homebrews. We’re happy to do this because we hope we can connect with everybody on some level. Beer is a great product that allows us to find common ground with most people.

Q:        GLIDE’s core values are outlined below. Our values inspire and guide our human service work. Is there one in particular that resonates with you, Epidemic Ales and your work in the community?
A:        Radically Inclusive: We welcome everyone. We value our differences. We respect everyone. There’s something so powerful about the idea that everyone is welcome. This value particularly resonates with us even though what we do is so different from GLIDE. As owner-operators of the brewery we love meeting people from all walks of life to share in the joy of beer. GLIDE is about acceptance, meeting people where they are, about community. That is meaningful to us, when people come to our taproom it doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from, we bond over love of beer. We are kid- and dog-friendly at the brewery and we made that happen because we believe that the beer culture is a community and community is the lifeblood of all small local businesses.

Try craft brews from Epidemic Ales at the GLIDE Legacy Gala this Saturday, August 13! Tickets are still available! 

Brian Wang is Controller in GLIDE’s Finance Department and co-founder of Epidemic Ales.