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Now Open: 60 Years of GLIDE History on Public Display in Unique Exhibit

Doors opened Sunday, October 15, to a first-of-its-kind historical exhibit encapsulating 60 years of GLIDE history under the leadership of Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani.  

Bringing together news clippings, archival photos and curatorial descriptions, the exhibit offers a sweeping overview of GLIDE’s progressive and inclusive stances since 1963. A joint project hosted by GLIDE and the Tenderloin Museum, visitors can learn about everything from GLIDE’s take on the crack epidemic in the 1980s to its ground-breaking advocacy for LGBTQ inclusion.  

The exhibit opened on a day of record-breaking attendance of Sunday Celebration. Many churchgoers perused the exhibit, lingering over photos from Cecil and Jan’s wedding in 1982 as well as a wall of celebrity pictures depicting all the public figures who have visited GLIDE over the years. 

One of the visitors was Cecil himself, who admired the display and then joined Dr. Gina Fromer, GLIDE’s new President and CEO, for a few words before they attended celebration together.   

The exhibit is free and open to the public in GLIDE’s Creative Space, next to the lobby, where visitors, volunteers, and donors can easily stop by. The collaborative effort was made possible by the foresight of long-time GLIDE archivist, Marilyn Kincaid, who lovingly curated more than 50 boxes of archival material that formed the basis of the exhibit. Many thanks to Director of Public Affairs Francesca Delgado-Jones for curating. More information about GLIDE’s history can be found here. 

How to see it 

Event: 60 years of GLIDE historical exhibit 

Cost: Free and open to the public  

Location: Creative Space 330 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102