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Glide Memorial Church Seeks to Spark Healthy Dialogue During Abortion Documentary Screening

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Gabbi Deyi

May 1, 2023

Glide Memorial Church Seeks to Spark Healthy Dialogue During Abortion Documentary Screening

THE ABORTION TALKS Film Offers a Balanced Perspective on this Divisive Subject

San Francisco, CaliforniaTHE ABORTION TALKS, directed by filmmakers Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins, will be screened at an exclusive event at Glide Memorial Church on Sunday, May 7th at 2PM. The film will be introduced by Minister of Celebration, Marvin K. White of Glide Memorial Church. The event will be followed by a brief panel discussion with the filmmakers.

 THE ABORTION TALKS follows the crimes and trial of John Salvi, an anti-abortion extremist who carried out shooting sprees at two abortion clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts on December 30, 1994. The shootings killed two and wounded five. The film also shares the stories of six women, all leaders in the pro-life and pro-choice movements, who secretly met for six years to discuss the shootings as well as reproductive rights. They argued, debated, and listened to one another. Though they continued to disagree on their positions, they did successfully prevent future violent events.

“Glide Memorial Church has a long history of lifting up diverse storytelling and supporting difficult dialogues across deep divides,” said Minister Marvin K. White.  “This film screening is an invitation to people of all faiths and perspectives to love unconditionally as we dialogue, listen and support each other.”

In addition to Glide Memorial Church, the screening event is supported by the Civic Health Project. This organization is dedicated to reducing toxic, partisan polarization and enabling healthier public discourse and decision-making across our citizenry, politics, and media. And finally, Picture Motion, an award-winning social impact entertainment agency. Picture Motion is leading the impact campaign to empower and educate audiences through nationwide grassroots screenings.

“Our country is more polarized than ever,” said Picture Motion CEO Brian Walker. “That’s why we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with the team behind the documentary The Abortion Talks to help bring this film to communities across the country. We believe screenings like the one at Glide Memorial Church can bridge divides, strengthen respectful discourse, and build a better, more compassionate society.”

THE ABORTION TALKS is the second feature film from Sabey and Perkins. Their first film, AMERICAN TRAGEDY, was the 2019 winner of “Best Documentary” at The Boston Film Festival.

Trailer: Link

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Selected Media Mentions & Reviews

  • “Powerful evidence of the ‘unimaginable’” —Clara Germani, The Christian Science Monitor
  • “There’s reason for people on opposing sides of abortion to talk, even if they disagree” —Kate Isaacs, Yahoo News
  • “Excellent, important, timely, urgent and needs to be seen and discussed widely” —Peter Coleman, Founding Executive Director of the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4) at The Earth Institute at Columbia University and author of The Way Out

Learn more about the screening event: mrohrer@glide.org

Learn how more about the impact campaign: aliya@picturemotion.com

Press Contact: gdeyi@glide.orgs


About Glide Memorial Church
Glide Memorial Church is a spiritual community rooted in liberation and built on a radically inclusive faith tradition that welcomes all. Led by Minister of Celebration Marvin K. White, it’s renowned Sunday Celebrations features the world-renown Glide Ensemble choir and Change Band, and stories of recovery and resilience. Glide Memorial Church is a weekly invitation to all people to be a part of a joyful and inspiring exercise in spiritual uplift, connection across the usual lines of division, and the realization of beloved community.  Glide’s longstanding, core values, including unconditional love and radical inclusion still hold.


About the film team
Joshua Sabey and Sarah Perkins are a husband-and-wife filmmaker team. Their last documentary American Tragedy won Best Documentary at the Boston Film Festival. They also produced and directed The Herb Nassour Story, The Romey Lynchings, and more. Josh is a published author, and Sarah is finishing up her PhD in literature and theology. They live with their two children in rural southeast Idaho, having recently relocated from Boston.