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GLIDE launches racial equity programs with grant from Dream Keeper Initiative

For Immediate Release:  February 13, 2023  

Lisa Gulezian

Tri Nguyen

GLIDE Launches Stimulus Grants for African American Youth in San Francisco, in Collaboration with the Dream Keeper Initiative 

WHAT: Significant city-wide effort to uplift low-income members of the African American community by offering grants in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Application window opens February 15, 2023.

Website: https://www.glide.org/dkigrant/ 

WHO: A Glide representative as well as someone on the Dream Keeper Initiative team can be made available to discuss this unique opportunity.

As part of Glide’s participation with the Dream Keeper Initiative, we will be awarding mini-grants of up to $500 per person for 150 Black youth ages 18-24. These mini-grants will provide stimulus and reparation funds to help youth overcome barriers stemming from community violence and/or domestic violence. The Glide mini-grant investment will reflect trust in youths’ judgment and build confidence. These grants will provide a significant resource to help youth embark on a path toward realizing life goals. The money can be used for personal expenses, housing, enrichment programs, healthcare, or any way the individual chooses. We expect to receive thousands of applications. 

About GLIDE:   
GLIDE is a nationally recognized center for social justice dedicated to fighting systemic injustices, creating pathways out of poverty and crisis, and transforming lives. GLIDE’s integrated comprehensive services, advocacy initiatives, and inclusive community empower individuals, families, and children to achieve stability and thrive. GLIDE is on the forefront of addressing some of the most pressing issues including poverty, housing and homelessness, and racial and social justice.