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Megan Rohrer


Music filled Sunday Celebrations and Town Hall Event

[San Francisco, California — Sunday, August 6th, 2023] – Glide Memorial Church will be launching its new Statement of Faith and receiving new members for the first time since its split with the United Methodist Church.  The Celebrations at 9 and 11 am will commemorate a historic step forward for a church that has touched the hearts of many in the Bay Area and beyond.

Glide Memorial Church, known for its bold leadership on justice issues and service to the homeless and hungry in San Francisco, left the United Methodist Church in 2020.  As an independent church, Glide Memorial Church has been able to sharpen its focus, provide care for those most in need in the Tenderloin and to open its doors wider to those who feel unwelcome in other faith communities.

Under the leadership of Glide’s Minister of Celebration, Marvin K. White, on August 6, 2023 Glide Memorial Church Glide Memorial Church will share thoughtful, prayerful, theological, radically inclusive and historic new Statement of Faith and our Mission, Vision and Values Statement. These documents are foundational to reestablishing Glide Memorial Church as an independent Church.

“Our new statement of faith declares that Glide Memorial Church we will remain radically inclusive, open and affirming, extravagantly welcoming, racial and social justice minded, and yes, forever unconditionally loving,” said Marvin K. White, Minister of Celebration at Glide Memorial Church.  “We invite everyone to join us.”



8:30-8:45 am Minister Marvin K White press availability

9 am Sunday Celebration – Sanctuary

10:30 -10:45 am Minister Marvin K White press availability

11 am Sunday Celebration – Sanctuary

12:30 -12:45 pm Minister Marvin K White press availability

1-3 pm Town Hall – Freedom Hall


About Glide Memorial Church
Glide Memorial Church is a spiritual community rooted in liberation and built on a radically inclusive faith tradition that welcomes all. Founded by Lizzie Glide, reinvigorated by the Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani and currently led by Minister of Celebration Marvin K. White, Glide Memorial Church’s renowned Sunday Celebrations feature the Glide Ensemble choir and Change Band and stories of recovery and resilience. Glide Memorial Church is a weekly invitation to all people to be a part of a joyful and inspiring exercise in spiritual uplift, connection across the usual lines of division, and the realization of beloved community.  Glide’s longstanding, core values, including unconditional love and radical inclusion still hold.